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Greeting Chiefs!

In the last couple of days, we witnessed how the mints of several projects went with some of them being considered the next big in the space but ending up being a slow mint with the teams forced to cut their supply by almost 50-70% and the mint cost by 67% for them to be sold out. This is such a great example for all of us out here in the market that always respect the market sentiment and that no one is bigger than that.

Now in the past articles, we have talked about some great projects which were focused on building tools, now for a change let us talk about a project which aims to bring together the community of Ethereum and Solana NFTs on the same table.

Let us look into Zoonies.

Zoonies is a project which is majorly focused on building a great community around itself, however, there is something more to it:

  1. When I say community I don’t just mean the community in the Solana NFT Space but also the community of the Ethereum NFT space as well, as Zoonies are going to target both of them and aims to bring both of them together in their DAO
  2. You may ask how would this happen, well they are going to be the first project launching on the Opensea launchpad but the project will be minted in $SOL.

Before going into details, let us talk about the mint information about the project:

Supply: 8888

Cost: 3 $SOL

Date: 20th July 2022

Launchpad: Open Sea

Now let us take a deep dive into the project.


Staking and Airdrop

The first phase of the roadmap will include the launch of the staking mechanism which will yield $POTION to the stakers.

Now there are a couple of utilities associated with $POTION.

The first of it will be that the stakers will be able to get eligible for the airdrop of the alien-themed apartments of different sizes on Planet Zoom, which will be the main ecosystem of the project. The total supply of the apartments will be 10,000 out of which 8888 are going to be reserved for airdropping the staked NFT holders and the rest will be there for public sale.

Now for the apartments, the Basic building kit will be available for free. However, if you want to build your apartment using the advanced building kits/items you have to spend $POTION for it.


There will be 2 different games available for the holders right after the mint, and these will be Mutant Roulette and Slot Machine.

To enter the games, you need to have $POTION in your wallet. There will be a couple of rewards available for the players and these include the future partners’ NFTs, DAO passes, Whitelist spots, items for apartments, traits for Zoonies and more.

Zoonies Traits Economy Marketplace

Now, this is something very interesting, the aim here is to create a marketplace where you will be able to decompose your NFT into individual traits(doesn’t matter whichever project it belongs to). From here you will be able to design your NFT by buying or selling such rare traits from the marketplace.

Now I have had a conversation with one of the team members of the project, (Zario#8888), regarding how will the mint funds be put into use and will the funds be enough to carry out the entire roadmap of the project.

Quoting “Zario”, The mint funds will be enough to build the Planet Zoon ecosystem. Once we have a nice and working ecosystem in place we will start with VCs to raise more funds to build our ultimate goal — the traits marketplace for the entire Solana ecosystem. And yes, the marketplace for the entire Solana ecosystem is difficult and costly and we will need another round of funding for this to build. This round of funding will include both private and institutional investors.


Speaking of the art I would say for me it does look funny and something which has a meme vibe associated with it which usually helps in getting the project popular among the masses.

You may ask what are team viewpoints regarding the art.

According to “Zario”, They have heard lots of input from the community members in the Ethereum NFT space that the art resembles ETH NFTs art and that there is a certain uniqueness to it which will help them attract more investors.


When we talk about engagement the project is clocking some great numbers in its Discord which we usually witnessed during the mints of Okay Bears, Communi3 and Trippin Apes and Great Goats.

As of now, Discord has around 50,000 members and they are clocking an average engagement of over 2500–3000 reactions per post in their announcements.

Speaking of their Twitter account, they have around 95,000 followers and have made 51 Tweets from their official account.

However, what makes their Twitter different is the fact that Open Sea is regularly tweeting about the project and those tweets are getting the best engagement on their Twitter.

Speaking of Open Sea, this is going to be the first project which is going to be launched through their Launchpad Services and will be featured on their homepage which is a big deal for a project in the Solana ecosystem.

If we talk about the volume of the NFTs across chains, the Ethereum NFTs are getting the most volume in numbers.

And since the project is going to launch via their only marketplace (Open Sea) there is a good chance that zoonies might get a share of that volume.

To conclude, I would say that the project is special for the Solana NFT Space as it is going to be the first one to launch via a major launchpad of a different chain.

The concept of the Traits Marketplace is also very unique and something which a lot of people want to see, however, the comments regarding this will only be passed after its launch.

I would recommend you to at least try to get your shot at those last spots of the whitelists so that you at least have a choice to mint it if you want to.

As always DYOR.

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