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Greetings Chiefs!

We are meeting after a long gap but that is how the condition in the Solana NFT Space currently is. There aren't great projects going for mint these days which will catch the eye of the investors and attract volume in the secondary marketplace. Speaking of volume, again we are not in a good position with the volume on Magic Eden less than 90% of the ATHs.

However, there is a great project going for mint today which is the talk of the town and people are expecting it to do better.

Sentries as they call themselves is a Blockchain Infrastructure Company deploying Solana validators and RPC nodes.

The mint information is as follows:

Supply: 8,000

Cost: 1 $SOL

Time: 4 pm UTC ( Forge Mint) | 5 pm UTC (WL Mint)

Launchpad: Bifrost

Now let us take a deep dive into the services the project is going to offer.


The first thing you want to know before investing in a project having such big plans is whether the team is capable of delivering on these promises or not.

The details of the team of sentries are as follows:

Also, the team has been doxxed by AlphaVerify.


The Lode is a Solana validator being set up and operated by the CTO of Sentries and is available on Mainnet and Testnet as we speak. It will act as a revenue source and liquidity reserve for the rest of the Sentries ecosystem.

Power Staking

Here individuals like you and I will be able to stake our $SOL in the Lode and will receive an APY, this APY will be better than what non-holders will receive when they will stake their $SOL.

That’s not it, each Sentry NFT will have a separate Power Trait and this value will represent the amount of SOL backing that particular Sentry.

At the start, this value will be 0 and the Power can be increased by 1 for each SOL locked into The Lode.

Holders will also be given an option to stake the Sentry in the Power Grid to receive additional passive income, in SOL, proportional to their Power value.

Retail RPC Nodes

Now, this is one of the most important things during the bull market phase of the NFTs when everyone had bots and the result of whose bot is better depends on what RPC are they using. Now with Sentries, you will be given reliable RPC services that can provide the best performance for their trading bots and applications.

Now, this service won’t be free but as a holder of the project, you will be able to get a good discount as compared to the price paid by the public investor.

B2B Servies

Sentries will not just target the consumers (B2C) with their RPC services but also other Businesses ( B2B).

One of the main services to be provided to other Businesses is Solana Validators and RPC Nodes with the main aim of becoming the biggest, most culturally-relevant Web3 infrastructure service provider and ensuring the client projects provide their users with the smoothest experiences on Solana.

These services will include:

  • Hardware procurement
  • Set-up
  • Maintenance & Support
  • UI/UX

Apart from the Validator services, Sentries also aims to provide Legal Services to its clients that can help Web3 organization incorporate in Panama and decentralize their operations.


Speaking of the NFT, the team has chosen an art which complements the services they are planning to provide, however, it isn't something I would like to use as a PFP on my socials.

Sentries as a project are one where the art of the NFTs does not act as the main catalyst and that is one of the reasons why not much focus has been given to how good the art will look as a pfp.

However, providing great art along with services is also considered a top-notch thing and it again tells how deeply the project has studied the market in which they are going, For example, projects like Rakkudo and Udder Chaos didn’t compromise on the art of the NFT even though it wasn’t their main utility.


As I stated at the start of the article that the project is currently the talk of the town in the space and people have great expectations from it, which also proves the great work the team has done to build such a strong community around the project.

Speaking of Twitter, the project launched its official account in may and till now they have around 16,000 followers and over 300 tweets done which is a great number.

The Twitter account of the project has been built using organic methods with the team realising regular updates on the plans and the roadmap of the project and have also done a lot of AMAs and Spaces with other projects in the space.

Speaking of Discord, the server has around 16,000 members and the chats have been active throughout. They are clocking an average engagement of over 500+ reactions per post in their announcement.

However, the sneak peeks channel of the server is weak in terms of engagement with less than 100 reactions per post.

To Conclude, I would say that the project has done a lot of great things to make itself ready for the mint and one of those things is the fact that they are going to launch via Bifrost Launchpad, which means there will be no listing till the mint gets sold out. Also, the NFTs minted in the pre-mint rounds will be frozen which means that those NFTs won't be listed right after the mint.

However, there is one thing that I am not a fan of currently and that is their mint and supply. Currently, the ME is clocking a volume of around 40,000 $SOL per day and Sentries will require a volume of 8,000 $SOL roughly to sell out completely. Apart from that $SOL is down 30% in a week which again brings panic among the investors, so you can see what I am talking about, however, since it is the only decent mint worth looking at today we might see a jump in the volume flowing in.

If you are a whitelist, I would recommend you to first analyse the demand kicking in and make sure you don't end up paying a higher amount in the dynamic sale.

As Always DYOR.

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Greetings Chiefs! Here I do analysis so that you don’t have to.