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The last article I wrote was about a project which has planned to offer multiple tools and accelerator program services to its holders and it stands under the Utility Meta category.

So to make it even, this article belongs to the community-driven project. But lately, we have got a lot of projects that made a lot of big claims in the name of the community and are sitting under their mint cost as I write this, why would you guys want to take a look at another project in the same category?

Well because this project has been launched by the team of an already successful project being launched in this space with an already established strong community and a holder base.

Let us talk about Infected Mob.

Infected Mob, is the upcoming Gen 2 collection of the projects Rare Robots (Gen 0) and Robot Mafia Mob (Gen 1) which are listed on Magic Eden at a floor price of 2 $SOL and 4 $SOL respectively. Not only this but the Team behind the project is also the one which is behind the project “Xin Dragons” one of the few projects in the space that have built something better for everyone. And when I say everyone I mean to say that they have built staking platforms for various projects and are currently sitting at a floor of 40 $SOL.

Before we talk in detail about the Infected Mob collection, the mint details for the project are as follows:

Supply: 7777

Cost: 1.77 $SOL

Time: 6 pm UTC

Launchpad: Magic Eden

So, Infected Mob is going to be a project under the umbrella of Mob Studios that will provide the end-to-end solution any actor or creator in Solana needs including marketing advisory, high-quality customized merchandise, the smoothest custom-tailored tech solutions, and a lot more.

Let us talk about all the services the Mob is going to offer in detail:

Here the artists will get a chance to work alongside the Creative Director and the whole team behind the art of the Infected Mob collection in areas such as Designs, Concept Art, Animations and UX/UI support, the team which has done such a commendable job in designing their art which we will talk more about in the ART part of the article.

The Mob Studios will also help in creating branding to help any project make a meaningful and lasting impact in the space, allowing for a wider audience to recognise you.

Once you have the design and the brand ready, the next thing in line is to market your project, well if you are new to this and don't know a thing about how “MARKETING” works the MOB got you.

Well this particular term was quite famous recently and everyone wants to launch a MERCH these days, so following the trend and making it easy for the project teams the MOB will help the team to distribute merchandising at a scale. This service includes Hats, Sweaters, T-Shirts, Hoodies and more!

Not only this but the team will also provide professional photoshoots to showcase the merch in various environmental settings to give authenticity and a reference for how the fit would look on the models.

Discord Management
Here the Mob will provide your project with respectful and experienced staff members to assist you in your project’s journey. Not only that, but the Mob can offer training and best practices for your most dedicated community members to contribute, freeing you up from the day-to-day, and allowing you to innovate in Solana.

This was all about the services being offered by the MOB Studious to third parties, however, the Roadmap has still got things left:


As I mentioned above Xin Dragons have launched Staking platforms for a lot of projects in the space so why won’t they have a platform in place for their project.

Here the stakers will have to send their NFTs to different jobs in search of $MOB. 1 $ROBO = 1 $MOB.


As the name suggests, here the holders will have the chance to multiply their net worth, which isn’t a lot offcourse because most of them haven’t taken a single profit when $SOL was $250 a piece.

They can do so by spending their delicious $MOB tokens, they will have the chance to win big: whitelist allocations, NFTs — both degen and blue-chip, $MOB jackpots, Infected Elixirs, and a lot more.

Mob Warehouse

The holders of the NFT will have a chance to spend their hard-earned $MOB here to buy the slickest Mob merchandise for you to rep IRL! In the Warehouse, you’ll also be able to pay for illicit elixirs to obtain roles, custom banners, and other valuable upgrades.

Mob Missions

Information about this particular phase is limited, all we know is that apart from doing various jobs to earn $MOB and gambling their $MOB and purchasing things from the Mob Warehouse, the Mobsters will get a chance to get their hands on another precious currency which can also be acquired by them.

1v1 Mobster Brawls

Here you will get a chance to use your Mobster NFTs to brawl against fellow Mobsters in the discord. These battles will be initiated within the Infected Mob Discord in a turn-based fighting style similar to Pokémon.

The team has been making announcements that they are going to launch the best art Solana has ever seen. Looking at their background and their experience all we could have done is trust them in their words right.

Well, they have kept their word and this is by far one of the best arts launched in space recently.

Not only the art of the NFTs but the website of the project is unique as well and staking websites which have been launched are aesthetically pleasing with an overall great User Experience.

Once we know that a team with a proven record and is building throughout the different phases of the market and providing values to not only their holders but the new projects in the space is going to launch another project with art which beats their old collection, getting a good engagement is quite obvious.

There is an overall positive sentiment around the project and all the potential investors, whether the community members or the big players in the space of them are one way or another excited for the launch and have mentioned them in their lists of the ming projects to check out.

Talking about numbers, they are somewhere getting an engagement of around 500–1000 reactions per announcement in their Discord.

To conclude, I would say that the project is looking promising. The team has fulfilled all the promises till now and has released all the utilities which were promised in the past collections.

Talking about providing value to the past holders, the team has announced that the first phase of the mint will only go to happen in $ROBO with a closet of 777 $ROBO a piece.

The vision is quite great as well and it supports what the project has been doing till now which is helping projects set up their staking websites.

One thing that I found unsatisfactory is the fact that this collection is going to have a supply of 7777 NFTs which is quite a big number if we look at the market conditions. The engagement in terms of numbers also hasn’t been that big if we measure it with the supply. However, to tackle that they have built a strong support base of members who are availing of their services.

If you are a whitelist, I would recommend you to first analyse the demand and the floor price action before jumping in the mint, because you might get a good opportunity to enter that way.

As always DYOR.

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