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Greetings Chiefs!

Unlike last time, Let me start this article with a bit of positive news. The volume on Magic Eden is showing a little comeback and is up from the drain and have almost touched the mark of 75,000 $SOL in 24 hours, which is a relief for upcoming projects with a good supply and cost combination.

Hold on it's not done yet, not only volume but also the word metaverse has made a comeback in the Solana NFT Space and the project that we will talk about has more significant plans in there.

Let us talk about DucksVegas.

DucksVegas is a metaverse built around your Ducks which you guys will be minting as your NFT and it will serve as your in-game character. There is more to this but let’s first look at their supply and cost combination.

Supply: 5555

Cost: 1.95 $SOL

Time: 6:15 pm UTC

Launchpad: Magic Eden


Before we look at what the games are all about, let us first see if the team behind designing those games have got prior experience.

The CEO of the project “Nika” is also the CEO and Founder of AFFIX, a leading electronic sports platform. He has also been a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur and former Ecosystem and Partnerships strategist at Google.

The CFO of the project “Dmitry Starostenko” is the founder of leading iGaming solutions company EvenBetGaming and is an Entrepreneur and executive with more than 10 years of experience in the high tech and iGaming industry.

The Art Director of the project, “Grdzelo” is a Senior Designer at Setanta Sports, Qari Electric, Lead Designer at NoirNY Located in New York, and Senior Graphic Designer at Bipolar Disorder Rec. Based In Berlin, Illustrator at Adjarabet.


The entire concept of the game is inspired by the gambling heat of Vegas, here the holders of the NFTs will be able to participate in unique custom games, such as Ducks Race, where you can play and acquire in-game chips. Depending on the chips acquired and daily challenges completed, holders are rewarded at the end of the day.

Everday the holders will receive 1000 free chips and they will have 24 hours to make the most out of it. There will be 15 random daily challenges to complete in different games. You can choose 5 of them and get your $QUACK tokens according to the difficulty of the challenge.

The leaderboard is sorted by chip count. By ranking high up on the leaderboard, you receive a multiplier, which is applied to the number of $QUACK tokens received from completing the daily challenges. By the end of the day, collected tokens can be exchanged for USDT. Every day, the chip count resets at 00:00 UTC.

Rental System

Now there might be holders who are too old to play any games right. Don’t worry you can rent your ducks and earn a sweet 70% of the winning amount of the person who will rent it from you.

There will be a full-fledged Marketplace made available to the holders, where they can easily do these kinds of renting and p2p trades.

NFT Nesting

I have mentioned $QUACK which is going to be the in-game currency, now must be wondering how to earn this token and the answer to that is Nesting. Holders will be given a chance to nest their NFTs before the launch of the $QUACK token, on the launch day 10% of the total supply will be airdropped to nested NFT wallet addresses and the percentage share will be determined based on the daily nesting points gained by each wallet.


As per the team, the art will serve the purpose of both an NFT which can be used as a PFP and the in-game character, however, I don’t see putting these as one of my PFPs, one of the reasons which is the 3-D art which I have also mentioned in my past articles is not my cup of tea.

Also looking at the Art it is not quite obvious which is rarer which is common and there are no additional benefits based on rarities defined yet. So will leave this up to you to decide for yourself.


Now before we talk about the engagement in numbers, I would like to add that the project is receiving quite a good put from the influencers in the Solana NFT Space and quite a few of them have appreciated the team and the project via their socials which directly points to the fact that they are in everyone’s radar for today.

The first tweet from the Official Twitter account came on May 19, and to date, the team has managed to build a following of around 96,000 people, the tweets mainly consist of them distributing WL spots and declaring partnerships with various DAOs.

On Discord, there are around 42,000 members and the chat has been active throughout. On average they are clocking an average engagement of over 1000 reactions per announcement.

To conclude, I would say that the best thing about the entire project is the team building it. Based on their experience it clearly shows that they are actual builders and someone who knows their job.

In terms of their mint cost and supply, I would say the cost of the mint is a little expensive, if it were fixed at 1.5 $SOL, I would say it would serve as a better combination of Supply and Cost.

However, as I said in the beginning that the volume has shown strength lately and a lot of influencers are backing the project socially, I think there is a great chance of it doing great.

If you are a whitelist, definitely be active on the screen during the mint and make sure you are ready to mint as soon as you sense the demand kicking in because the whitelist has been oversubscribed.

As always DYOR.

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