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Greetings Chiefs!

The recent events in the cryptocurrency market took the ecosystem with a blast. A lot of people lost their funds in the crash when it wasn’t their fault and we saw bitcoin breaking its June lows and Solana touched single digits.

But even though the condition was this bad, Solana didn't stop working and the no. of active users on the chain is by far the most as compared to any other Layer 1 Blockchain and the NFT community showed their support to the builders they praise, the reason of which projects like Degods, Blocksmith Labs, Taiyo Robotics held their floor quite strong.

Not just the OG projects but the community showed trust in new projects with strong teams with collections like Elixir and Lily being able to sell their big collections in a matter of few minutes.

Continuing this strong trend we are going to witness the launch of some of the most anticipated mints in the NFT Space in the next few weeks.

Let’s talk about one of them in this article.

Claynosaurz is the first project which is going to be launched under the umbrella of Metaplex Creator Studio as the first No-Code project. What this means is the Metaplex Creator Studio will help artists who do not have access to developers, launch their collection in the Solana Ecosystem without the hassle of writing codes.

Well, this is not the only place where Claynosaurz is going to do something for the first time. The concept art behind the NFTs and the level of animation in the work speaks for themselves.

The vision behind the project is to build a creative art studio in the ecosystem which they believe will help grow this space and will change the way we see an NFT.

Now, these are not just mere claims because the team standing behind the project got all the artillery they need to make this project a blast.

The team consists of 14 artists who have worked for the past 1 year and have spent over $60,000 to make the concept of claynosaurz a reality. Apart from the artists the team also got 3 members under the branding and marketing team, as well as a stacked advisory board from all avenues of web3.

Below is a picture showing all the web2 projects on which the team members of claynosaurz have worked on.

Apart from the Creator Studio, the claynosaurz team also have plans for a mentorship program for artists, helping them with production services and thus helping them launch their collection. In this regard, the team had done auctions for some 1/1 pieces supporting different underdog artists with 100% of the sale proceeds going to the artists.


The project has been the talk of the town for almost a month now and they have been in everyone’s “mints to look out for” lists for quite some time. Not just the community in the discord server or their Twitter, but even the Co-founder of Solana had tweeted about the launch trailer of the project.

One more thing that shows the confidence of the community in the project is the floor of the collection the team launched during BreakPoint as an easter egg.

To conclude, I would say that this is one of the most biggest launches happening in the Solana NFT Space this year and it's more important because of the time they are launching in. But as I said earlier the community has shown trust in strong projects and strong teams, and with how claynosaurz is being perceived in the community I would say they also got a pretty strong chance of succeeding.

If you have a whitelist, this is a no-brainer mint, but if you don't, I won’t recommend buying WLs for extremely high prices because the market isn't following a very strong trend that you can bet on something with extreme probabilities. Instead, you can wait for the secondary listings to snipe the NFT of your choice after making an informed decision based on volume and floor price.

As always DYOR.

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