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Greetings Chiefs!

The market has done/is doing what has been anticipated for months now. There is chaos across the board and usual panic selling is at its best. During these times, there is a new project from an old team going for mint in the Solana NFT Space with a cost of 7 $SOL.

Now, this number has already sparked some discussions, since for most members of the community 1 $SOL = 1 $SOL, but clearly for the teams this is just another funny statement.

Bubblegoose Ballers, a project with a vision to release its pilot series, is launching under the leadership of the team of The Catalina Whale Mixer, which was launched in the space last year in December and now is sitting on over a 100 $SOL floor. Not only this, but the team of bubblegoose consists of more big names which we will talk about later.

For now, the mint information about the project is as follows:

Supply: 10,000

Cost: 7 $SOL

Time: 5 pm UTC

Launchpad: Magic Eden

Now let us take a deep dive into why yet another project wants 70,000 $SOL out of the ecosystem.


This is the strongest point about the project and to be fair this is the strongest team which is going to launch a project if we look at the projects which have been launched over the past couple of weeks.

Why? you may ask…

The first thing, as I already mentioned, the project is launching under the leadership of The Catalina Whale Mixer, a project which was launched in December last year and now is sitting over a floor which is much higher than the projects which launched at that time. The time Catalina Whale Mixer was launched, it shattered a lot of records and was probably one of the first projects in the Solana NFT Space which brought in the so-called Eth money with their holder base including public figures like Mike Tyson and Diplo.

Not just the team, but the community has been one of the strongest since the launch with their no. of listed NFTs never crossing the 5% mark for months, and now these community members which we already saw are such strong holders will get the priority to mint Bubblegoose Ballers.

Apart from the team of Catalina Whale Mixer, the team of Bubblegoose Ballers includes Carl Jones, who is best known for producing Adult Swim’s The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, Freaknik the Musical, Legends of Chamberlain Heights and The Jellies with Tyler The Creator.

So what do we get from this?

  1. The team includes members who know the ins and outs of the space and already have a successful project running.
  2. They got a new team member who is an expert and have loads of experience in the field they are about to enter.


Here, we cant consider the art based on how good of a pfp it is going to look which will attract more eyes to the project since the main goal is different. So will leave this up to you to decide for yourself.


Bubblegoose Ballers is the mint which is being viewed as the one which will break all the charts. People have been anticipating the launch for weeks and there is overall a positive sentiment around the project.

There are way too many reasons for an average NFT buyer to be bullish on the project and this is somehow been planted there in everyone’s subconscious that the project will be a hit and will give a big floor.

In terms of numbers, the project is looking healthy. On Twitter, they have over a quarter-million followers, most of which are botted obviously.

But what makes it different from all the other projects with such big numbers is how active they have been on their handles. The first tweet from the main account came on April 20, and till now they have over 1000 tweets which are more than the total of all the projects that minted in the last 2 weeks. They are also clocking a healthy engagement of over 500 reactions on their normal posts.

In Discord, there are around 64,000 members with them clocking an average engagement of around 1000 reactions.

To conclude, I would say if we look back at the projects which took over 1 million dollars from the space in the past few weeks, Bubblegoose Ballers is bigger and better than all of them.

This time, you and I as an investor know which team is taking the money and are they even worth it.

On the other side, the market is not in a position where the majority of investors will think rationally. We have already seen a dump across the floors of strong projects with stronger communities. Panic selling is what is happening across the board and during such time, a mint of a project with a supply of 10,000 NFTs doesn’t look like the optimum investment decision.

One more thing to consider is the fact what everyone thinks of the floor. This happened during the mints of Communi3 and Trippin Ape Tribe, where everyone expected them to be the next 3-digit floor projects and the floor started from a very high point and then it came all the way down.

I would recommend analysing the demand during the mint, and how the floor will move during that time since now all the projects get listed before the mint gets over.

As always DYOR.

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