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Greetings Chiefs!

Bitcoin is trading over 24,000 and as usual, we can see the bulls coming back from their holes and are pretty enthusiastic whether it’s your timeline or the Discord servers you are in and with this enthusiasm comes the FOMO factor which will again make a lot of people lose their portfolio trying to catch the bottom.

However, $SOL above 40 and a general bullish sentiment always help the projects which go for mint during these phases and there is one such project going for mint today and this has some great things to offer or as they say “nobody does better than them”.

Beneath is a collection of anime-inspired art NFTs having different factions based on the colour of the eye of the NFTs and the main aim of the project is to provide all the tools (automated or analytics) under one umbrella.

The mint information about the project is as follows:

Supply: 3500

Cost: 1.25 $SOL (WL) | 1.5 $SOL (Public)

Time: 6 pm UTC (WL) | 6:45 pm UTC (Public)

Now let us talk about the utilities that the project is planning to provide to its holders:


As the name suggests the analytics dashboard will provide you with all the information you need to curate your trading and investing data which will range from analysing your portfolio in terms of all the projects that you have minted or sniped from the secondary marketplace, your total wallet value in terms of NFTs, Crypto and USDC over time and the total profit you have made over the months.

Not only this but this will also help you identify your most profitable trades and the ones you have taken heavy losses as well, making it easier for you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.


This page will provide all the information regarding the upcoming projects that are going to launch in the space with not just their names but everything you need to know if they are worthy to get a WL or not.


Again self-explanatory, this page will provide all the real-time information regarding current mints, secondary sales and recent activity including features which will tell the highest sale that has happened on a particular day.


Now, this is something interesting, here the dashboard will help you curate all the important servers and channels that you want to monitor keeping aside the pile of hundreds of unwanted servers and channels that just increase the noise and are of no use to you.


This page will be specifically made for the NFT holders as they will be able to take part in auctions, raffles or FCFS sales for NFTs, WL Spots and merch.


This feature will help you as a holder to connect with all your WEB-3 friends and will allow you to know how many times your chiefs got rekt falling for a social pump using some well-acknowledged lagging indicators in the space.

Just Kidding… or am I?


Looks like after SOL Decoder’s Seamless and Delysid Kiddos platform the next thing everyone wants to target is the collab platform where it will be easier for you as a community member or an alpha-hunter to claim and provide WL Opportunities without posting screenshots showing your DAO Proofs.


Here Beneath Labs will provide you guys with automated tools such as:

Auto listing which will enable you to automatically list your NFTs based on the qualification of the parameters you will set for yourself which may include anything such as the crossing of the floor at a certain level or a specific volume meter, etc.

Monitors which will provide you features such as

  • Smart money tracking
  • Floor price
  • Recent/All-time volume
  • Fluctuations in floor price
  • Average 24h price
  • %change in FP

Bulk Processes, this feature will enable you to perform 4 different types of functions namely, listing, bidding, sweeping and cancelling in bulk.


As I have mentioned earlier, the NFT Art will include 5 different factions and each faction will have a faction leader (we’ll talk about this later).

The art of the NFT is somehow giving me the vibes of vandal city art but unlike vandal, it is inspired by anime and is right facing.

The Website of the project is also really good and in one word it is professional.


Talking about engagement, Beneath is the most talked about mint of today and clearly in a bullish environment when you don't have a lot of competition there is a good chance all eyes are on this one.

In terms of number, the Twitter account of the project has around 7,000 followers and they have made around 62 Tweets which is a really low number keeping in mind the first tweet from the account came on the 3rd of June.

When we talk about the quality of tweets they have made, I would say they don't have posted many giveaways to farm engagement and have used their Twitter Handle to show sneak peeks of their art and inform the people outside their Discord about what the project is building.

The Discord server has got around 8,000 members and they are clocking on average 300 reactions per post, which is quite a low number keeping in mind that they have a 3500 Supply to sell out.

The project is going to mint via tokens and they have listed their tokens on the FFF token marketplace the demand is not there for the tokens and the floor price is also down the drain.

To conclude I would say that the project is not going to do something which has never been done in this space before and is not going to build some exceptional utility around the project because all of the things are being provided by a lot of tool-driven projects out there and mostly for free.

However, the thing that makes them stand out is the fact that they have introduced a DAO FACTION LEADER concept in their roadmap where each Faction will have its leaders, being chosen amongst the community members through various contests.

After that, each of these factions will have a separate wallet which will be in the control of the faction leader, and those faction members can decide how to spend the money in that wallet for the benefit of their community.

Another thing that I liked is their supply and cost combination, they have done their homework after looking at the performance of their fellow analytical tools projects last month.

At last, one thing to take care of if you are going for a quick flip is that the demand is somewhere on the lower side as of now, it might come back up during the mint time, so make sure you don't pull the trigger without analysing the volume and the engagement.

As always DYOR.

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