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Greetings Chiefs!

Today is the day when it is all about projects going for mint with top-tier art. In the last article, I talked about the second collection of Bohemia which is going for mint today and now in this article, we will talk about a new project with a new team which is also going for mint today and is probably the only good competitor against Bohemia.

The team of Baked Berserk sees itself as a project which focuses on story and art so in simpler terms it is a project which is mainly driven by the community around it.

The mint information about the project is as follows:

Supply: 7575

Cost: 1.75 $SOL (WL) | 1.95 $SOL (Public)

Time: 4 pm UTC (WL) | 8 pm UTC (Public)

Launchpad: Magic Eden


The story/ roadmap of the project will be revealed through a mix of comics and art-based narratives. Now, this is interesting because only some berserks will be featured in a particular comic/art reveal. Those who are selected will get a special trait and higher yields from staking.

All the berserk will start staking at the same yield, however, this yield will change as the story progresses.

All the berserk works for silver and every once in a while a bongship will arrive allowing the berserk to travel to distant lands in small groups, where they will gain theme-specific traits, loot boxes, and maybe even some new companions. The ticket to this ship will only be purchased with silver and this silver will be earned through winning competitions organised in the Baked Berserk DAO.


Now, this is the strongest pillar of the project as they have tried bringing something new and have one of the most loved art traits in their art, “The Stoned Factor”.

The website of the art is also really clean with a good user interface.


The engagement the project has managed to build is impressive. They have over 1300 votes on the drop calendar of Magic Eden which means that the community has been pretty active in the raids throughout.

Talking about Twitter the first tweet from the account came on May 12th and till now the project has around 60,000 followers with over 100 tweets the majority of which are related to giveaways.

The project also got featured in multiple mints to look out for lists throughout these 2 months and therefore has a good number of eyes on them.

The Discord of the project has over 120,000 members and the community has been fairly active with them clocking over 1500 reactions per post in announcements.

To conclude, I would say the concept is good and the art is great. The number of engagements they are getting is also showing a good picture. But I don’t see them selling a 7500 Supply mint for 2 $SOL at a time when the volume on Magic Eden is showing no relief and the project not offering anything extraordinary.

We have seen how projects had to cut their supply and cost by more than 50% in the past few days and I expect a similar type of move here as well.

On top of all this Bohemia’s second collection is also going for mint today which is also aiming for a 10,000 $SOL volume to sell out.

If you are a whitelist I would not recommend you join the mint till the time it crosses the 50% supply mark.

As always DYOR.

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