Alien Trippin’ High

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In the past few weeks we haven’t seen any significant movements in the cryptocurrency market, even though some investors were trying to trade the news of the CPI meetings, they all took losses and BTC was back to the range it was trading in.

While all this was happening in the crypto market, Magic Eden witnessed some significant volume inflows because of a few projects and we even saw it in the 6 figures again, however, that volume didn’t stay there for a good time and the daily volume mark has again reached to around 60,000. But all we can gather from this is there are people out there who are willing to invest their money and are just waiting for the right time and the right project.

By right projects, I don’t necessarily mean projects with great fundamentals but projects who have managed to bring in the investor’s trust that they are the next big thing.

Well, we have something for today, not sure when I say that they have the investor’s trust but the numbers say so. And if you think that we are past the “Large Twitter Following” or “Big Discord Numbers” projects, well we are not because Alien Trippin’ High is going for mint today and the numbers they have achieved on their socials its quite fascinating for a bear market.

Before we move forward, the mint details of the project are as follows:-

Supply: 5900

Cost: 2.4 $SOL (WL) | 2.75 $SOL (Public)

Time: 5:15 pm UTC


Alien Trippin High as a project will be driven by its community and the roadmap of the project is also based on the fact that they aim to provide different experiences to their community members.

There are different phases of their roadmap, let us look at each one of them:

· Fashion and Cannabis Store

The first aim of the team is going to build a fashion and a cannabis store where not only their holders are their customers but also people from outside the NFT space which they believe they will achieve by creating a synergy between the team and the community. Holders will also achieve a revenue share from the brand being built.

· Experiences

As I said earlier, the team aims to provide different experiences to its holders, one of the things they did was the “ATH Wheel” where they allowed their discord members to spin the wheel for free and win prizes which includes NFTs and $SOL.

· Events & Showcases

Here the team will present the brand of ATH in every conference or meet related to NFTs.

Not only this but the team has also mentioned that they will evolve their roadmap in the future as per the needs and wants of the community and that they have things like, Airdrops, Tokenomics, and Staking in plans.


Now since it is a community-driven project, the art needs to be something that the community flex on their socials so that new investors get attracted to the project. And I am not impressed with the NFT Art and one of my concerns is that the supply is too big to ignore the fact that there will be commons who might not look that attractive on the floor.

However, talking about their website, is something that has impressed me a lot and it is evident that the team has put a lot of work into there.

One more thing I loved about the website is the fact that the team has showcased the fan art of their community members on their website with their discord name and tag included, which is a good way to tell their investors that yes they care about their community members.


In terms of engagement the team of Alien Trippin’ High is clocking great numbers, the numbers that were the last scene during the mints of Great Goats, Vandal City and Wobblebug.

On Twitter, the project has almost 100,000 followers and they have made around 79 tweets and they have done multiple AMAs with a lot of well-respected projects in this space.

The follower count of the project was much higher, however, as per their tweet they have managed to ban all the fake followers and the follower count of the project is mostly real.

Speaking of their Discord, the server has around 84,000 members and again the team has claimed that they have managed to ban over 30,000 bots from their server.

This is a great thing that the team has openly shown its disinterest towards the number of botted followers they have and that they are working endlessly towards fixing it.

In terms of the numbers of engagement, the team is clocking over 4000 reactions per announcement and over 1500 reactions per post in sneak peeks.

One more feat the team has achieved is that they sold out their first NFT Merch in 50 seconds.

To conclude, I would say that in the last 1.5 months this is probably the best project that is coming to mint on Solana in terms of “engagement numbers” that they are clocking, and why I am saying this is because even if the engagement is botted or not real it attracts people and I am sure almost every active member of the space is looking towards how the mint of the project went.

Also, the team has already done things that can work as a trust builder, they have sold out their first NFT Merch and they have built a free Wheel Spin to reward their active community members.

If you have a whitelist in the project, Like always make sure to analyse the demand kicking in at the last moment before jumping on the train. However, make sure you have enough time to mint because the team has announced that they have overallocated the whitelist spots.

One more thing I would like to say is to wait till the mint gets over before you think of sniping some good ones on the floor.
Also if you are a whitelist, make sure you don't list the NFT right after minting because the royalties will be set at 95% till the mint gets over.

As always DYOR.

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